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About Titan Optical

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! My name is Cam, I started Titan Healthcare Limited, and Titan Optical in 2020. I’m working to bring the best healthcare brands and software from around the world to New Zealand and Australia.

Growing up in an Optometry family I spent my childhood on the floor of Optometry practices playing with stock lenses and spare temples.

After working in marketing for 2 years I moved into the optical industry, and for the last 9 years I’ve been selling and servicing capital equipment in Optometry and Ophthalmology practices throughout Australasia. I’m on a mission to help independent healthcare providers run the best businesses they can. If you want to have a chat about products I supply, products you’d like me to supply, products I don’t supply or just the general way things are going – please feel free to give me a call. 021 234 0563